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About my skincare range 

The range consists of various creams, gels, serums and oils, all individually blended using over 22 years of experience with natural health promoting ingredients, chosen particularly for their mild and gentle, yet incredibly beneficial effects to the skin of the face, hands, feet…well all over really, and each one has been created with a genuine concern for purity and quality.

Protecting the environment 

I will not include in my ingredients, any of the essential oils that are produced from an endangered species of tree or plant, and am assured by my suppliers that those I do use are produced in a manner which takes responsibility for both the environment and the people who work there. I will always choose the organic option where possible, and my suppliers also assure me that their product base ingredients and preservatives all break down in such a way as to do no harm to the Ecosystem or Aquatic Environment, and undergo constant monitoring.

The energy I use for production is from Ecotricity, it is from 100% renewable sources. My respect for this planet and our natural environment is genuine, and I strive to do my best to minimize my impact upon it.

Plastic use and sustainability

I am striving to reduce my use of plastics. The product containers are now mostly glass with aluminium lids, and I also make sure that the ingredients I use have been sourced as ethically as possible. The Moroccan Argan Oil for instance, is produced by a women’s cooperative, and the profits are shared among the local women of the Berber tribe. The cooperative has established an Ecosystem Reforestation Project, so that the supply of Argan Oil will not run out, and the income that is currently supporting the women, will not disappear. The money is providing healthcare and education to the local women, and supports the entire community as a whole. 

Cruelty free & vegan friendly 

My products are not tested on animals, and never will be. The suppliers of my ingredients do not conduct any form of animal testing, nor do they commission any form of animal testing from a third party, and will not use any ingredient that has been tested or retested on animals for cosmetic purposes since January 1st 2006.

The active ingredients

Adding Herbal Tinctures and Botanical Extracts to my products creates an extra dynamic. Among these are infusions and extracts that improve the skin’s natural Melanin production, a Collagen and Elastin boosting plant enzyme, a plant derived cruelty free Hyaluronic Acid, and various actives which possess skin nourishing, healing and purifying actions, soothing anti-bacterial actions, calming anti-inflammatory actions, and effective anti-fungal actions.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) Leaf ~ pure hydration, a silky-smooth calming ingredient that soothes, cools, tones and tightens skin; regenerative and restorative.

Essential Oils & Floral Waters… absorb down to the skin’s cellular growth layer, stimulating better circulation to restore cellular health, strength and elasticity, rejuvenating the natural glow and the refinement to your skin’s pores.

Organic Cold-pressed Oils… Regenerative, rejuvenating, rich penetrating skin nutrition, providing essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and anti-oxidants that protect against the damaging effects of sun, wind, cold, aging, stress and pollution. Some are restorative to natural sebum and PH level, while others retain water in the skin’s lipid layer. Skin softening saponins boost Collagen and Elastin for firmer skin, and important anti-inflammatory actions remedy dry, damaged skin, especially in conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

My products DO NOT contain PETROLATUM, SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES, nor any of the skin irritant SURFACTANTS such as SLS (Sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate), or any of the allergen PRESERVATIVES such as PARABENS and MI (Methylisothiazolinone).